Discreet, even anonymous, set back from the road up a flight of steps, this British-owned chalet is a useful Zermatt address for those who want something private, perhaps exclusive, for a party of family or friends. It has four smartly conventional, if not luxurious double bed- rooms, all in excellent taste; bunk beds sleeping two; three south facing with Matterhorn views; a relaxing downstairs sitting room with breakfast bar and fire- place; and, upstairs, another living/eating area with a full view of the Matterhorn.
   Run by a dedicated chalet manager, housekeeper and cook (good food), it offers all the comforts and convenience of a small hotel, including a massage room, while being essentially a private house. It’s at the southern end of town, a ten-minute walk from the centre, and a highly convenient two-minute walk from the bottom station of the ski lift that serves the Matterhorn Paradis and Schwarzee Paradis ski areas.
   Zen? It's not oriental, except for a statue of Buddha in the hall. The name arises from the street address, and, coincidentally, the owner’s connections with Japan and their interest in Asian art.
   There is also an apartment in an annexe for those who want the option to dine out (self catering and B & B available).