A model of what hotels should be but rarely are. Gilded grapes hang outside, while the interior looks like a well-kept church, with stone floors, large, simple furniture and wooden ceilings. Our reporter had nothing but praise for this inn dating from the 13thC.
   Flowers are everywhere, not in formal arrangements, but looking as if they have just been brought in from the garden. A vase of asters or poppies brightens the bedrooms, named for people with a Swiss connection, such as Chaplin, Rousseau, Dali, or Stravinsky. All are beautifully furnished with eye-catching artwork and antique furniture. ‘If you can’t stay long enough to try them all, try one at the top under the ceiling joists, one with a four- poster bed or, in chilly weather, one with a wood burning stove.’
   There is no garden but the terrace above the dining room is peaceful enough for birds to nest in the bay tree. Chef Peter Hasler’s cooking features fish from the lake. Typical dishes on his menu include: spicy foie gras; lobster casserole with mint coulis; veal with mushrooms and chive cream; and lemongrass steak with a red wine sauce.