The owner of the 600-year-old Zum Rebstock, Claudia Moser, is a master (or is it a mistress?) in the art of hotel-keeping. She is also an art lover, with 30 years worth of collecting displayed on the walls.
  Just as the paintings are original, so every room is different: here influenced by Art Deco, there a striking pink colour scheme. From the light finishings to the beds, even the telephones, nothing is uniform. It's not so unusual, says Frau Moser, after all, is every room the same in your home?
  That sense of individuality continues with the food in each of the three restaurants. Eating here is like going to a dinner party every night, but always at the house of a first-rate cook. Nothing here is mass-produced, kept in the oven or created in large vats for diners with no taste buds. Local specialities are on the menu, including Lucerne's own Chagele-Pastele (vol-au-vent). The breakfast buffet shows the same care. No plastic pots of yoghurt or curled-up cheese: instead, ten different sorts of fresh bread, fresh orange juice, a heap of ripe strawberries and your own fresh coffee. 'I could go on for ever', enthused our inspector.