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Castel Brando
Corsica, Italy

Comfortable rooms,
stunning ocean views,
peaceful setting

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Chateau de Rochecotte
St-Patrice, France

18th century castle,
beautiful decor,
fantastic views

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The Brownlow Arms
Lincoln, England

Cosy rooms, friendly staff, great prices

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The Traddock
Yorkshire, UK

scenic country escape,
cosy and rustic decor,
beautiful setting

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Plas Bodegroes
Pwllheli, Wales

Calm atmosphere,
picturesque setting,
cosy rooms

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The Gurnard's Head
Cornwall, UK

Stunning sea view,
comfortable rooms,
great menu

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Our places to stay in the Central Cantons of Switzerland are spread across the cantons of Lucerne, Zug, Schwyz, Uri, Nidwalden and Obwalden, where history is a great attraction. This is not only the geographical hub of Switzerland but also the emotional heart of the country: these German-speaking cantons surrounding the Vierwaldstattersee helped to found the nation some 700 years ago.

 The medieval town of Schwyz is here, in the Canton named after it. Schwyz is a delight to visit, and it gave its name to Switzerland. Local cuisine consists of dishes such as Luzerner Chugelipastete, a veal, pork and sausage vol-au-vent with raisins soaked in kirsch.

 As elsewhere, our selection of places to stay in the Central Cantons offers an exceptionally interesting range to choose from: guesthouses,restaurants-with-rooms and small hotels. Whichever, they all have thespecial qualities of hand-picked character and charm we seek out.

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Stadthofstrasse 14, 6006, Lucerne, +41 (041) 4108888
Old and new skilfully combined

Seehof Hotel du Lac

6353 Weggis LU, +41 (041) 3901151
Long-established lakeside hotel

Stern und Post

Gotthardstrasse 88, 6474 Amsteg LIR, +41 (041) 8831440
Historic inn full of character

Zum Rebstock

St Leodegarstsr, 6006 Lucerne 3 LU, +41 (041) 4103581
Highly individual city hotel
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Via SS Quattro 35/C, 00184, Roma, +39 06 7049 5333
Great location for Rome's ancient sites