A former owner of this inn was jailed for selling liquor, but the hostelry now has a licence - the permit was granted back in 1666. Pete rand Marianne Graf-Sterchi are the ninth successive generation to run this hostelry, originally a farmhouse and dating from the 1500s.
  Hospitality must run in their blood for nowhere did we receive a warmer welcome, and that was on a busy night with all the rooms full. Not content with hotel-keeping, they have a farm up in Wengen where they raise black Angus cattle and also gardens in Wilderswil producing salads, herbs and vegetables. They even keep their own chickens and geese.
  Although the hotel has been renovated, new wood blends with ancient timbers as antiques do with modern, but traditionally-styled furniture. Bedrooms vary in size but all are comfortable and pleasantly decorated, even if they would not win any design awards. Who cares, when breakfast can be taken on the balcony with the Jungfrau standing out against deep blue sky. We would be happy to settle in and forget the crowds of tourists in nearby Interlaken.