Gathered around a light, green, airy courtyard - with tall cypress trees in its corners and pigeons flitting around a fountain and climbing roses - the ground floor of this 17thC monastery is a wealth of colour and detail. The peaceful, glazed-in cloisters form wide passages which are decorated with murals and antiques: clocks, chests, cabinets, even a large old brass still (the town is renowned for its anis).
  The stately dining room and cool blue bar are both brightly tiled and lit by small windows piercing massively thick walls. Climb the staircase, which has original but fading frescoes on the ceiling above it, and you find landings furnished with comfortable sofas.
  The bedrooms are different in style from everything else. They have the austere but romantic atmosphere of a decaying medieval palace; but very clean, light, airy and comfortable. Our most recent reporter noticed the thoughtful and friendly service and thought the food good, even though the menu was somewhat unenterprising. Fair prices, too.