The key to reaching this hotel is to press on down the track that leads to it without succumbing to the less than obvious charms of the two other small hotels you see on the way. The extra few hundred metres are well worth the effort.
  Beams and flagstones abound. The furniture may not all be as old as the building, but it is all in keeping. Indoors, there are two sitting rooms as well as a rustic but highly organized dining room. The original millstream, where captive trout are penned, is visible through a stout section of glass floor: the fish are destined for owner Luis's kitchen (he is a professional chef), and quite possibly your table. The comfortable bedrooms have a cottagey feel, with old-fashioned bedsteads and wooden furniture. Outside, apart from the river, there are ducks, chickens and a cider press: you can pick your own apples, make your own cider and it will then be barrelled to mature quietly until your next visit. Judging by the number of barrels on the racks, there are quite a few regular visitors.
  A 'crime' is committed here almost every other weekend. Luis gives his guests some of the tools of the detective's trade, and asks them to solve it.