When our inspectors first visited Zafra, the castle Parador was surrounded by scaffolding and in the throes of extensive redecoration. So they were delighted to discover, right next door, the Huerta Honda. This lovely villa, with red-tiled roofs and window-boxes dripping with geraniums, has fine views of the medieval castle. It is not merely a decent substitute for the Parador; in many ways, it is more attractive.
  The hotel now has a swimming pool on their third level terrace where you can float admiring the impressive view of the castle next door. Chairs and tables spill out of the bar and sitting room around the pool, and it is a perfect place to enjoy a drink, between potted plants and trailing ivy. If you have had too much sun, you will appreciate the cool sitting room, full of wicker furniture and wonderful ornaments (look out for the wicker pig under the mini grand piano, and the boar's head over the open fire). The dining room is a similar haven, and the menu del dia excellent value.
  The hotel bar is a popular night spot and positively buzzes with activity. In contrast the bedrooms are serene; decorated in pastel shades with every possible comfort. You can be sure of a good night's sleep and of waking to a great view.