Mahon is Menorca's busy capital, and its harbour, Port Mahon, is of course one of its high spots, with the usual shoulder-to-shoulder restaurants, cafes and bars, all of which stay open late into the night.
  The Port Mahon hotel, which is deep red with snow-white shutters, exudes an inviting, colonial sort of charm, and has an elevated position, giving a stunning view out over the harbour. Sadly, the elaborate and heavy revolving door is all that remains of the former Art Nouveau decoration, the place having been thoroughly converted to shining modern standards.
  The suites and rooms are unpretentious and tastefully furnished in an easy-living style. The restaurant offers a full range of dishes, but previous visitors have advised that you steer towards the other restaurants and inns down on the harbour front, a mere five minutes walk away. The large pool is definitely a highlight, as swimming in the harbour basin is far from ideal. The clientele includes yachtsmen on their way round the coast, who like to swap their rocking beds for a night on terra firma. A comfortable hotel for a short stay.