The road to the Son Triay Nou estate is littered with sticks and stones, and runs past an endless dry-stone wall; but your journey will be brightened by the intense terracotta colour of the building, which comes into view from quite a distance.
  There are just three guest rooms in the house, and a generously sized apartment in the annexe; so this really is a small hotel and an informal stay is guaranteed. The owners don't want to increase the accommodation with further conversions of estate buildings.
  The elegant house looks more like a town villa than a farm, but farming is still practised here with all that that entails, including pigs and poultry. Youll have to get used to the strong country smells, but by the end of the first night we believe that you will have learned to cherish the special atmosphere of these simply furnished rooms. Enjoy the unique peace and quiet of the finca by the pool side or on a sunlounger: a real Menorcan idyll.