The finca of Biniatram already has 500 years of history under its belt. Like many villages and farms on the island beginning with Bini (meaning 'sister of'), its name has its origins in Arabic and, therefore, of the Moorish occupation of southern Spain in the early Middle Ages - of which there are plenty of traces on all the Balearic islands.
  This is a small 'farm' hotel, only a kilometre from the beautiful but crowded bay of Cala Morell, and it makes a pleasant, cool spot at the height of summer. The few rooms are simply decorated in country style, with a minimum of fuss and certainly no superfluous ornaments - which would not suit the style of the owners, who still farm the land, and are proud to do so. As a result, the atmosphere is homely, welcoming and relaxed. In the annexe, a fine room has been converted for celebrations, seminars and other events, also decorated in rustic style. The large kidney-shaped pool in the grounds is a refreshing oasis.