In 1991, the Lopez-Pinto Ivars family set about renovating several crumbling old houses and the surrounding land, in their family for more than 400 years. Although two pools were added to the grounds, and mod cons fitted in the buildings, the aim was to keep things traditional and authentic. They endeavour to give guests a taste of true Mallorca - 'its customs, its roots' - and they largely succeed.
  The houses, clustered around a stone patio and lawn, are divided into apartments. Carefully decorated, they balance original features with modern furniture. They look more like well decorated private flats than serviced suites: framed pictures and mounted plates line the walls, while shelves are stuffed full of books and trinkets. Traditional touches come from the tiled floors, vibrant rugs and carved wooden beds.
  Each apartment has its own, prettily tiled kitchen, but breakfast service and a restaurant (down in a cellar lined with huge wooden barrels) are on hand for those who don't fancy cooking. The ample gardens offer tremendous views of the surrounding countryside. Guests praise the 'very accommodating', staff and owners. 'No request was too big,' says one, whilst another thanks the hotel for its welcoming attitude to children.