You'll be captivated both by Son Mola Vell's position and pleasingly unpretentious architecture. The sand-coloured mares stone, typical of Mallorcan fincas, gives the estate much of its charm and character. Typical slatted windows, framed by pale-blue shutters, lend Mediterranean colour and atmosphere, as do the narrow cypresses. You are in the south-east of the island here, which still has much of Mallorca's old peace and charm, even in this era of mass tourism.
  In the rooms, fine fabrics and tasteful furniture create a feeling of effortless comfort. They are average to generously sized, furnished in Mediterranean style. The food can claim to be memorable: a mixture of Mallorcan and traditional Spanish dishes includes delicious grilled artichokes with grains of coarse salt, sole cooked with capers and entrecote with apricots. There is a pleasant terrace where you can enjoy the timelessness of the scene over a sundown drink; or in chilly weather, indoors by the fire.