Peguera is a perennially popular holiday resort: in season, you get the feeling that most of the population are visitors from abroad, many making long stays; you don't see many Spanish words on noticeboards and signposts. Its quality as a resort has improved enormously over the last few years: the harbour promenade has been revamped and the main street, with its many shops, is now a pedestrian zone and good for wandering around of an evening.
  The Bahia's name aptly refers to its location in a bay. We like its individual furnishings and the bedrooms colour schemes, using delicate colours such as saffron, powder blue and sand. It's inviting and comfortable, neither cluttered with furniture, nor coldly minimalist. Terracotta-coloured bedspreads and pretty chairs in the same colour have a certain Mediterranean flair. There's an outdoor pool for summer, and a covered one for winter. The service is excellent: you'll feel well and truly looked after here.