At the peaceful end of the Carrer Apuntadores (with its many restaurants and bars to draw the tourists) stands the Palau Sa Font, a former 16thC bishop's palace now dressed up in modern designer garb. In case you are in any doubt, this will hit you between the eyes as you penetrate the entrance hall, where brilliant red velvet sofas and armchairs make a striking contrast with the subtle colour of ochre sandstone walls. Art is displayed throughout the hote, from handmade lamps and pieces of sculpture to paintings hung on bedroom doors.
  The hotel's 19 bedrooms reveal a purist's taste in furnishings. Furniture is simple and tasteful; wrought-iron bedside tables; wall mounted lamp giving out a warm light; comfortable chairs in shades of yellow, orange and green. Bathrooms are well lit and airy.
  This is a breakfast-only hotel, but there are plenty of other eating places in the neighbourhood (as well as on Carrer Apuntadores) and just around the corner, in the lively Placa Drassana, every other bar offers delicious tapas.