Time still passes slowly in the little village of Moscari: mass tourism is still at a distance, and the villagers enjoy their peace and quiet. They sit, as their grandparents did, in front of their houses, or at a street cafe with a Hierbas, or sit in the bar playing dice and cards.
  This little finca hotel, with just five junior suites, is one of a few truly successful examples of pure modern interior design in Mallorca. Dominant colours are restricted to white, sand and black. The walls are whitewashed, and this is combined with the natural sandstone to give a pleasing, warm feel, especially in the restaurant and breakfast room. Delicate black cast-iron furniture, upholstered in natural white completes the effect. Everything is minimalist and tasteful. The kitchen specializes in fresh fish dishes, including the famous caldereta, a fine shellfish stew.
  The owners have a mission to make Mallorcan art known to their guests and mount regular exhibitions of both painting and sculpture.