Son Gener is a few kilometres beyond Manacor in the direction of Arta, in pleasant countryside. The owner is a creative architect and designer - and this will come as no surprise to those with an eye for details such as artful exposure of architectural structure, and a modern, minimalist interior that accentuates furniture, tasteful fabrics and decorative objects. Sitting rooms, bedrooms and terraces are alive with Mediterranean light: very few other places to stay on Mallorca are as well designed in this respect. It's an ambience that corresponds exactly to many Northern Europeans' idea of what Mediterranean lifestyle is about.
  This is the place to stay if you like artificial pearls: just 4 km away is Manacor, Mallorca's second town and the Mecca of the artificial pearl, with dozens of shops selling what claim to be the best quality and most brilliant of their kind.
  Previous guests have suggested that Son Gener may not be the best place to bring children, as it is quite isolated: however, this isolation is seen as a real plus by many visitors, who relish the opportunity to sit in tranquil surroundings, where the only sound to be heard is the bells worn by sheep grazing in the distance.