When the Vicens family found sheep-farming uneconomic, they created - with some help from the bank - a country hotel in their former stables. The conversion was a success, and, encouraged by this, in early 2001 Juan Vicens went the whole way, turning his family house into a luxury hotel. With a tractor, and certain amount of muscle, the younger members of the family broke up large rocks in the fields and put them to use as building materials. They believe that this new investment will pay off, and if effort has anything to do with it, so do we.
  The public rooms, the covered terraces and bedrooms have been furnished with unobtrusive elegance. Bedrooms are spacious, with large terraces and beautiful baths with separate shower and whirlpool. The patio has cast-iron furniture, mosaic tables and white-upholstered chairs. In the kitchen, Santi, the youthful chef, produces superb international dishes.