Neda is a town full of beautiful old mansions, and this hotel, built of dressed stone, with its own adjacent chapel, dedicated to the Virgen de la Merced (Our Lady of Mercy), is housed in one of them. The pazo or country manor house, was built in the 17thC and sits in open countryside on the low-lying green shore at the head of the Ria del Ferrol.
  Some years ago, the owners, facing bankruptcy, decided to sell it to an architect specializing in the restoration of old buildings. With patience and skill, he has turned it into a magnificent rural hotel which combines respect for the historic architecture with a certain originality in the use of materials. His son, Guillermo Alcala, has taken charge of the management of the hotel. 
   The pazo only has eight rooms, but they are well furnished and equipped with all that you could need. The service is welcoming and diligent: every guest is made to feel at home. Through the windows you can see Couto monastery. The hotel makes a convenient base from which to visit this and other local examples of Romanesque architecture.