Daroca, a former Moorish stronghold, is the historic setting for this hotel. The Posada del Almudi was begun in the 1400s in Moorish style, and finished in the 1500s as a building of the Renaissance. Just a short walk from the town's celebrated Renaissance fountain, the Posada is cheerfully yellow-painted, outside as well as in, so easy to spot.
  All 13 bedrooms look out on to Daroca's ancient, well-preserved streets. They are large and well-proportioned, many with original ceiling beams, decorated and furnished with elegance in keeping with the style of the building. The sense of space is everywhere, from the vaulted hall (marvellously cool in summer) to the well-stocked library, the restaurant and the patio garden where guests can sit with drinks on hot days. There is a second, newer part of the hotel containing 18 rooms. In contrast to the older part, the new section prides itself on modern facilities and technology, meaning there is something for everyone.

  For cooler seasons there is the first-floor cafe, or the bodega, with a respectable wine list. The Restaurant Catalayud specializes in traditional Aragonese cooking based on lamb and other local produce.
But drivers should note that the Posada's hospitality does not extend to cars - parking is free but the car park is a short walk away, in a town square close by.