You will already have come through some exceptional scenery to reach Cosgaya, climbing steadily all the way from the coast, and once you arrive you are surrounded by peaks, many snow-covered until early summer.
  A small bridge over a clear mountain stream takes you into the forecourt of this stone-built hotel, with its wooden balconies, arched veranda and overflowing flowerpots. The public rooms are cool and dark in the summer heat, but cosy and welcoming in the winter, with log fires in the sitting room. Although the hotel has only recently been built, it is traditional in style with plenty of workmanship to admire, in wood, terracotta tiling and bare stonework. The restaurant, too, makes use of regional specialities - fresh river trout, interesting local cheeses and regional spirits.
  There is always the chance of getting snowed in when staying in this area, so bring plenty of books - it has been known to happen in June, though at that time of year you are more likely to be lazing around their pool, playing tennis or off hiking in the hills. They are used to British visitors at del Oso, and good English is spoken at the desk.