Perched on the mountainside above the narrow, winding streets of the Arabic/Andalusian town of Cazorla, this mill is hard to reach but worth the effort. About 200 years old, Molino de la Farraga was a working grain mill until 30 years ago. Parts of the mechanism have been preserved and make an interesting feature when lit up at night.
  The breakfast rooms are somewhat dark and old fashioned, as are the bedrooms, but they are cool and spacious, and some have conservatories with an almost 360 degree view of the surrounding nature reserve where you can see wild boar and goat, golden eagles and Egyptian vultures. The mill's best feature is in fact the gardens, with their rich selection of plants, mainly unique to the area. You'll find plenty of secluded corners where you can relax completely hidden by walls of vegetation. Various paths lead to the pool, which has spectacular views of the countryside and back on to the Molino itself.
  Reaching the mill you have to park your car about 100 metres below, and the climb with your bags could be a strain in hot weather. If you walk up to reception (without your bags) and announce yourself, someone will probably be happy to help.