To find the Hotel Murillo you need a good sense of direction and a detailed map; it is lost in the historic Barrio de Santa Cruz, a maze of tiny pedestrian passages behind the Alcazar. From the outside, it is a typical Sevillian town house, painted mustard-yellow and white, with wrought-iron grilles and balconies.
  From the inside, it is an extraordinary place, a treasure trove of peculiar objects and antiques. Suits of armour guard the entrance to a long, dim room crammed with furniture - leather sling chairs around carved tables, elaborate screens and glass cabinets along the walls, a sedan chair in front of the bar. The panelled ceiling gives you the feeling that you are in the cabin of a medieval ship. This room serves as a sitting, eating and reception area, and there is another small sitting room for families or groups.
  In contrast, the bedrooms upstairs are rather plain. Second floor rooms have small balconies looking on to the street, third floor rooms have arched windows. Furniture is functional and bathrooms small.