This gem, a beautifully converted 16th century palace, is right in the heart of Seville. Formerly the home of the Villafranca family, (their coat of arms is still above the main entrance), Casa Imperial blends history, good taste and modern comforts.
  You enter by a typical Andalusian courtyard, where you can have breakfast if you don't want it in your bedroom, or on your own private balcony/patio. An exquisitely Sevillan-style Pisan staircase leads up to the bedrooms, which are all decorated individually, and reflect the different cultures of Seville. Of special note are the bathrooms, which have fantastically decorated baths: some are deep blue, contrasting with cranberry-coloured walls; others are vibrating deep greens and purples. Made in a typical Andalusian way, they need regular upkeep, but are luxuriously roomy and deep.
  There's something to look at, and a charming corner for everyone here, from the interesting little patios dotted around, to the beautiful Hispano-Moslem pond on the second floor. Plans for a pool on the terrace will make it all the more popular, providing a wonderful city-centre respite for hot and bothered travellers.