Almost on the edge of the Sahara, with a visit to nearby Taroudant andwalking in the Atlas foothills to the north as the only real outingopportunities, this is not a spot for sightseeing. The point here is tounwind, and with grounds full of olive and citrus trees and thepossibility of hot sun even in February, this shouldn't be toodifficult. Due to its off-the-beaten-track location, spending less thanthree days here would be a waste. Use the time sunbathing, or readingin the shade; enjoy the pool, sauna and massages or even just track themethodical progress of the manager's tortoise.
   The interior decoration is soothing and sparse: deep browns and redsdominate the communal areas whilst in the bedrooms local designs havebeen incorporated with more muted colour-schemes. The dining room doesaway with the low tables and couches common across Morocco, insteadusing Northern European-style upright furniture. The food, mostlytraditional Moroccan with international touches, receives fair reportsand you can count on attentive service.