Just what we are always looking for and rarely find. The Adler Barental at Feldburg-Barental is a little chalet hotel. Very attractively decorated and furnished, immaculately kept, and with a happy atmosphere. Run by a fun family, it is a great place for families with children. And, indeed, families are the biggest group among the many regular guests, so remember to book ahead if you want to visit during the summer school holidays.
  Lying just east of the Feldburg, the Black Forest's highest mountain, Barental is a small village amid spectacular scenery, green in summer and snowy in winter. The 160-year-old chalet, looked after by Herr Wimmer (and daughter), is beautifully decorated and furnished in rustic style - wood panelling in the restaurant, pretty painted furniture in some bedrooms and beds with gleaming white covers and canopies in others - all without a hint of twee. Frau Wimmer (and small son) run the kitchen, serving Black Forest specialities made from local hare, venison, and mushrooms, along with international specialities. As if the lovely valley views from the balconies were not enough, the chalet has garden terraces back and front, where guests may sit beneath sunshades on warm days and feel the tension ebb away.