Santiago de Compostela is, like any terminus, a busy place. However, once you've arrived at the end of the Pilgrim's Way there is no rule that says you have to stay there: another ten minutes by car could put you back into deep countryside and a little skilful map reading could put you within striking distance of this laid back and thoroughly professional hotel. It's all beautifully proportioned. There's a tiny reception area (but what more do you need with only seven bedrooms); a well-stocked contemporary library; a usefully sized drawing room; and a swimming pool that is quite large but not so big you feel you may never reach the other end. There is no restaurant, but the sunny, glass-walled breakfast room has had as much care taken over it as most people would give to a full-blown eatery.
  The bedrooms in the main building are large and smart, with polished wood floors, traditional bedsteads and a well selected mixture of old and modern furniture. The duplex rooms, ideal for families, are in a separate, much more modern, building but are carefully thought out and comfortable beyond the merely functional. The well-kept walled garden has enough room for everybody to find a quiet corner to themselves. Only breakfast is served, but there are plenty of interesting eating places within a couple of kilometres.