The massive bulk of the Colisseum stands guard at the end of the quiet, largely residential street where stands the Hotel Celio. Those two reasons the quiet, and the proximity of the amazing ancient arena (plus important nearby remains of the ancient city), make the Celio a prime base in central Rome. Ease of parking (own small drive, and a garage nearby), is a bonus, too, and driving in from Ciampino airport is no big deal as quick as half an hour on the Via Appia.

The rooms aren't large, but they are rather fun if you dont mind deep red brocade on the walls, and paintings and mirrors created by an artist from Brescia to look at least 200 years older than they actually are. The floors are wonderful: high-quality imitation ancient mosaic, designed by the owner, Roberto Quattrini. There is no lift to the bedrooms, and it is a moderate climb to the roof where guests can sunbathe and where there is a penthouse suite, complete with own roof terrace and views across Rome to St Peter's. Breakfast is served in fine weather in a courtyard imaginatively roofed in with a tent.