Driving up to Old Whyly in the springtime is magical; owner Sarah Burgoyne has planted 4,000 tulip bulbs and at the right season, the lawn is ablaze with colour. Set in 40-acre grounds, with a duck-dotted lake, well-maintained gardens and walks that take in the nearby 600-acre stud farm, this Grade II listed 18thC manor has an enviable setting.
    Once you cross the well-gravelled drive and climb the front steps, you will be welcomed in Sarah's (and her dog, Noodle's) antique-filled home. The impressive family painting collection lines the walls, including a full-length portrait of Sarah herself. The sitting room has a roaring fire with inviting furniture – perfect for admiring the china collection or just reading a book. Bedrooms are spacious and comfortable. However, one of the best reasons to stay at Old Whyly is the food. Sarah, a passionate cook who trained in Paris, prepares excellent dishes and, although many of her customers tend to eat at Glyndebourne, Sarah is more than happy to provide dinner.
    Breakfast includes honey from Sarah's bees kept in the orchard and eggs from the hens that wander about on the lawn.