The mansion houses which make up this hotel date back to the 1870s. After a detailed restoration organised by the local municipality, the art historian owner Ms. Gulsen took over the building and carried out further work, decorating the place with traditional Kostamanu style before opening the doors to guests.
   She's gone to great lengths to preserve the original architecture: old built-in wardrobes have been converted into bathrooms to avoid ugly extensions. Some are roomy enough to allow Turkish baths. The bedrooms are cosy, with creamy walls, brightly coloured rugs and bedding, and wood-panelled or plaster moulded ceilings.
   Downstairs, communal areas are warmly lit and filled with sofas to encourage socialisation with other guests, and there's a creeper covered inner garden, where you can eat during the summer. The restaurant serves the rich, local cuisine, and puts on live music during the week.