Standing at the centre of the hard-working town of Scorze, Villa Soranzo is an aristocratic building dating back to the 16th century, but was remodelled in the 18th century in elegant neoclassical style. Visible from its earliest period (especially if you take room No. 1) are fragments of gorgeous School of Veronese frescoes. There are also fine ceilings and floors, an impressive double staircase and a park modelled in the early 19th century in Romantic English style. The spacious first floor rooms are somewhat staid but full of character, recalling the last century when they were the bedrooms of the noble Conestabile family, retaining their lofty proportions, and, in some cases, original faux marble walls. Rooms on the second floor, formerly the household quarters, are plainer but spacious and furnished in different styles.
  On a spring visit our inspector reports that she ate alone in the dining room, but was comforted by the familial ambience, with copper pans hanging from the ceiling and old dressers laden with wine bottles, and by a simple but well-prepared set menu. She also notes that her visit was marred by one of the coolest welcomes in reception that she can remember. However, other satisfied guests have encountered much friendlier staff; more reports please.