This imposing and elegant villa was built in 1880 by renowned architect Giovanni Milani, and is now home to his granddaughter Giovanni Milani, and her husband Luigi, who was once head of the Italian branch of a US IT company. Luigi decided to give that up and opt for quality of life over salary, and in 2000 he and Giovanna opened their home up to paying guests. The location alone suggets Luigi made a good choice: perched on a hill, overlooking the town of Spoleto, Villa Milani has panoramic views along the Assisi valley and is surrounded by picturesque Umbrian forest and meadows.
  There is an impressive eclectic collection of antique furniture from different periods throughout the villa, and the owners are very proud of their home. The 11 bedrooms are individually decorated and each is named after a constellation. 'Altair' and 'Daneb' have their own private terraces overlooking the valley, but for the most spectacular view, book the 'Orion' tower room, providing you're not daunted by the many stairs or €570 price tag.
  The restaurant serves light lunch and dinner (8.30 pm sharp). You order your dinner by 10.30 am so that the chef has time to gather all the fresh ingredients. Many of these are on the doorstep - the kitchen garden provides herbs and vegetables, olive oil is made from olive trees in the garden, and truffles, asparagus and mushrooms are all gathered from the surrounding countryside.