The former Palazzo Belleschi-Grifoni, hewn into the walls of the medieval brick-built hill town of Panicale, was converted only in 1990 to its present use. In contrast to its stern front, the interior is small and intimate, designed in the finest contemporary manner, with particularly imaginative use of iron and wood.
  The hotel can be entered through a doorway from one of the narrow passageways of the old borgo or, more conveniently, via the lower restaurant entrance on the road which encircles the town. A warren-like corridor takes you to the parquet-floored bedrooms. In surprising contrast to their modern finish, they are furnished with imperious late-19thC furniture – towering walnut bedheads, and so on. Noteworthy also is the gentle use of lighting.
  New owners took over in spring 2003 and have spruced the place up a bit, adding minibars, hairdriers and so on in the bedrooms. We would welcome reports from readers, particularly about the rustic restaurant which serves Umbrian specialities: are its high standards being maintained?