Situated close to Foiano della Chiana, Villa Luogoceleste (formerly known as Villa Scannagallo) is a peaceful Tuscan retreat surrounded by acres of undramatic but picturesque countryside. The owners, a Belgian couple called Ann and Paul, have turned this 15thC villa into a self-styled luxury bed-and-breakfast, a tranquil home-away-from-home.
  Public spaces fuse late-medieval features with contemporary decoration. The living room's traditional fireplace and old-fashioned beams are complemented by modern, tasteful furniture. There's a 3,000 square metre garden with a large infinity pool that is particularly welcoming, lined on one side by deckchairs and umbrellas with pleasant views over the surrounding wheat and sunflower fields.
  Bedrooms continue the theme of understated luxury. Light, bright walls are offset with splashes of colour from the headboards and equipped with understated, modern furniture. Exposed wooden beams give a cosy touch. Bathrooms are white and airy with pebble splash-backs in the shower and basin area. Breakfast is tasty and varied, but not out of the ordinary. A selection of above-average restaurants can be found nearby.