If you are looking for a simple island hide-away, Pardini's might be it. It is situated on Giglio, part of the Tuscan Archipelago which lies off the southern Tuscan coast and is only accessible by boat from Giglio Porto.
  The setting is idyllic; a '50s villa in beautiful terraced gardens which tumble down to the sea where flat rocks make good sunbathing spots and the swimming is fabulous. Courses are offered in painting, yoga, pottery and cooking or you can just laze around.
  The food is excellent. The hotel's smallholding provides the kitchen with fresh home-grown and home-reared produce. Rooms are spartan yet comfortable (and air-conditioned), but you are unlikely to spend much time in them. Instead enjoy the scenic outdoors ambling through the olive groves down to the sea and exploring the local area in this unspoiled retreat.