Johlea Uno, a long-standing mainstay of our Florence guesthouses selection, is preparing for major changes. Its formula was to offer three-star comfort at one-star prices - quite a feat in this city of sky high prices, but from 2007 onwards, although charges will probably be fair, you will pay more and get more.
  Johlea Uno will still occupy its elegant apartment in a solid palazzo north of the Duomo; the atmosphere will still remain that of a gracious private house. But instead of taking breakfast in your room, you will start the day in a new breakfast room; and the six bedrooms will all have four-poster beds, and be individually designed with careful attention to detail, including pastel colours on the walls and expensive silk fabrics. We understand that the small roof terrace with 360-degree views of the city will remain and hope that the cosy little sitting room will stay too.
  If you cant get a room here, try Johlea 2, also under the ownership of Lea Gulmanelli (see also Antica Domora Firenze). It is a few doors down the road on the first floor of another solid palazzo. Johlea II's formula remains much the same as the old Johlea I, with large, stylishly decorated bedrooms and excellent value for money. There is no accommodation sign on the street and you will be given your own key to come and go as you wish. These two places look like they will be remaining major players in the Florence guesthouses scene for the foreseeable future, but we will welcome reader's reports on the changes at Johlea I.