The Residenza Johanna II, in Florence, is under the same ownership as the Johlea, also featured on this website, and offers the same excellent value for money - of which we thoroughly approve. Some way north-west of the centre of the city, but on several bus routes, the Johanna's existence is announced by a discreet brass plaque next to a solid iron gate; the pleasant building stands in its own small gravelled garden.Inside, you find yourself in an elegant private house, with cool, cream-coloured walls, and high ceilings throughout give a sense of space. At the back of the house, a comfortable sitting room doubles as the reception.
  The bedrooms are all fairly large (one particularly so), and are furnished with large beds and a mixture of antiques and modern pieces. Tasteful fabrics, of predominantly pale green-and-cream stripes, add style. The bathrooms vary in size, but even the smallest is adequate. Each room has the wherewithal for a simple DIY breakfast: electric kettle, coffee, tea, biscuits and brioche.