An impressive example of Sicilian Baroque architecture, the Castello di San Marco is a remarkable building with a rich history. It was originally built in 1689 for the Prince of Palagonia and has been altered over the years. In 1747 it got a new layout, including the unusual staircase and the cornice with its vaults.
  Today Castello di San Marco is owned and managed by the friendly Murabito family – one guest commented recently that they go 'above and beyond to make you feel at ease'. What's more it has charm, style and a location that makes it unique – situated right by the sea with a private beach and views overlooking Mount Etna.
  Unsurprisingly, Castello di San Marco's secluded, romantic atmosphere makes it popular with couples. The ornate bed heads, individual balconies and plush furniture give an amorous feel to the bedrooms. The bathrooms are original and ornate, with beautiful patterned sinks and a Jacuzzi bath which fills with water through the mouth of a grimacing stone lion.
  There are two restaurants and food is served indoors or outdoors depending on the season. Choose to dine outdoors if the weather is warm enough, as the gardens are especially pretty and atmospheric at night.