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The Old Coastguard
Penzance, U.K.

Seaside hotel,
harbour views,
comfortable seating areas

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Penally Abbey
Pembrokeshire, U.K.

Gothic country house,
great for walkers,
secluded location

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Almunia del Valle
Monachil, Spain.

Near Granada,
stylish rooms,
fabulous views


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Our selection of places to stay in Sicily has always been interesting, perhaps because it is the largest and most populated of all the Mediterranean islands, and because of its history: occupied since ancient times by invader after invader, including the Normans, it is truly polyglot.

Here you will find spectacular scenery, ancient Greek ruins, medieval towns, baroque architecture and even an active volcano. Its balmy climate means the season runs from Easter to October. Taormina is the main resort.

As elsewhere, our selection of places to stay in Sicily offers an exceptionally interesting range to choose from: pensioni, alberghi, restaurants-with-rooms and small hotels. Whichever, they all have the special qualities of hand-picked character and charm we seek out. Among our longstanding favourites are: Castello di San Marco and Villa Ducale.

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Castello di San Marco

Via San Marco 40, 95011 Calatabiano, Sicily, Italy, +39 095 641 181
Beautiful romantic building with views of Mount Etna

Eremo della Giubliana

Contrada Giubiliana, 97100 Ragusa, S.P. per Marina di Ragusa, +39 0932 669119
Small and elegant

Hotel Elimo

Via Vittorio Emanuele, 75, 91016, Trapani, Erice, +39 0923 869377
Happy mixture of traditional and modern

Hotel Villa Athena

Via Passeggiata Archeologica, 33, 92100, Agrigento, +39 0922 596288
Luxury in Southern Italy

Lemon House

Via Rina Superiore 78 / A, 98038 Savoca, Sicily, Italy, +39 333 30 42 234
An offer you won't refuse

Musciara Siracusa

Riviera Dionisio Il Grande 42, 96100, Siracusa, +39 0931 463613
Fantastic Sicilian beach-side hotel

Q92 Noto Hotel (Opening in March 2021)

Ronco Bernardo Leanti, 4-5 Noto, 96017, Sicily, Italy +39 0942 626058
Upcoming luxury hotel in Noto


98050, San Pietro, +39 090 983013
Stylish hotel on Island of Panarea

Relais Torre Marabino

C.da Marabino, C.P. 18, 97014 Ispica (RG), Sicily, Italy, +39 0932 795060
Charming hotel with gorgeous Mediterranean views

Tenuta Gangivecchio

Contrada di Gangivecchio, 90024, Gangi, +39 346 57 17 529
Hideaway in remote 13thC monastery

Villa Carlotta

Via Pirandello 81, 98039 Taormina, Sicily, Italy, +39 0942 626 058
Stunning views inland and out to sea

Villa Ducale

Via Leonardo da Vinci 60, 98039 Taormina, Sicily, Italy, +39 0942 28153
Everything we seek

Villa Paradiso

Via Roma 2, 98039, Taormina, Sicily, +39 0942 23921
Convenient location, wonderful views
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