A friend of Bridgett Walters, our SE Asia editor, discovered The Villas soon after they opened in 1998. There are now more than 50 of them in three different Bali sites but and here's why we recommend them though they're laid out side by side, once you're inside your luxurious villa, with its own swimming pool, they feel private: you're hardly aware of the others. The staff make breakfast for you in your kitchen, and you can send out for lunch and dinner, but more fun is to visit the wide of variety of restaurants nearby in Seminyak, southern Bali's main tourist spot.
   In the Seminyak Villas, go for numbers 1 to 12 because they are opposite the excellent Bali Deli and the smart shopping district. Owned and beautifully run by Australians and by big hotel standards, inexpensive.