The Trikolonion is a friendly, first class guest house which has been created by knocking together two traditional stone-built Arcadian highland mansions into one rambling building around a courtyard overlooking the main street of the village and the village square, next to the church.
  The pale stone walls are offset by lots of flowers and greenery, including a pine shaded terrace. Rooms make much use of polished wood and all are en suite. The village is an ideal base for exploring the dramatic scenery of the Lousssios Gorge, and is high in the mountains of Arcadia, where the weather can be pleasantly cooler in summer and downright chilly in winter and early spring - when the big wood fireplace in the lounge is a very welcome sight of an evening.
  Inside is a harmonious blend of traditional and modern, with paintings by contemporary Greek artists contrasting with antiques and textiles from the region. The courtyard is attractive, but it has to be said that service is not always as professionally attentive as you might expect from the general style of the place, and the hotel is often bereft of staff throughout the afternoon.