This tiny inn in an unspoiled village is, to put it quite simply, the most charming place to stay in the entire Zagoria region and one of the most charming on the entire mainland.
  Two cottage-style, two-storey buildings dating from the 19thC are connected by a two-tier stone paved courtyard crammed with flowers planted in red-and-blue painted olive oil cans. Inside are low coffered wood ceilings, wooden floors, and rooms painstakingly furnished with authentic antiques, such as old wooden rocking cribs, wall cupboards and chests, with shaggy flokati rugs or striped rag rugs on the floors.
  The rooms are smallish, but this simply adds to the Spiti tou Oresti's dinky charm. Most rooms have fireplaces, and many of the beds are covered with tartan bedspreads which should look out of place, but in fact seem just right. The service here is uniquely professional and sophisticated, and Spiti tou Oresti stands head and shoulders above its rivals in the region. Ano Pedina is a pretty and not much visited village, surrounded by wooded hills and overlooking a fertile valley, in sharp contrast to the mountain wilderness all around it.