One of the very few places to stay on Kithira which remains open all year round, Porfyra is on the main street of the island's largest village and is named after the shellfish which abound in the nearby waters and which were prized by the Romans and Byzantines for the purple dye they produced. A blue-painted door leads from the street into a paved courtyard with blindingly white walls which contrast with bright blue wooden shutters and doors. Above the courtyard are shady balconies, and at ground level there are white canvas sun umbrellas, loungers and chairs.
  Rooms are simply furnished, and rather more lavishly equipped than most on the island, and have luxuries such as televisions. With a selection of cafes and tavernas on the main square of the village, just a few metres away, Porfyra is a great place for those who want to experience life in a typical island village which (except in July and August when hundreds of Greek-Australians flock back to their ancestral island) seems to have been little affected by tourism. Bedrooms are regularly cleaned and serviced, but Porfyra is not a full-service hotel.