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Glenfinnan House Hotel
Fort William, Scotland

Mountainous country,
good for bird-watching,
outstanding restaurant

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La Bandita Townhouse
Pienza, Italy

Renaissance building,
rustic-modern rooms,
laid-back atmosphere

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Artist Residence Oxfordshire
Oxfordshire, U.K.

Peaceful countryside,
stylish rooms,
great restaurant

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Gardenia al Lago
Villa di Gargnano, Italy

Family friendly,
fabulous lake views,
freshly-caught seafood

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La Santa Maria
Sitges, Spain

Gorgeous sea views,
airy rooms,
local food and wine


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Our places to stay in Germany is the largest independent collection on the internet. There are few other sources with this many hotel reviews in Germany and none with our unique standpoint of editorial integrity.

We admit that it is hard to find our kind of hotel in Germany, but it is getting easier - although this is a still a country where the attitude of travellers, and indeed hoteliers, seems to be that, in order to be taken seriously, you need to be big. However, things are changing, especially in areas where there is plenty of tourism and therefore a need for extra choice.

The big change in recent years has been in the East, where we now have a useful collection. Don't expect from these hotels everything you would from a charming small hotel in France or Italy; they need to be compared with other East German hotels. There's a heavy-handed tendency to over-decorate and over-furnish, and food sometimes lacks finesse.

As elsewhere, our selection of places to stay in Germany offers an exceptionally interesting range to choose from: guesthouses (gatshofe), restaurants-with-rooms and small hotels. Whichever, they all have the special qualities of hand-picked character and charm we seek out.

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Furst Bismarck Muhle

Am Muhlenteich 2, 21521, Aumuhle, +49 (0)4104 2028
Traditionally styled converted mill

Hotel Waldesruh am See

Aumuhle, 21521, +49 (0)4104-69530
Tranquil lakeside hotel at Aumuhle

Jagdhaus Waldfrieden

Quickborn, 25451, +49 (0)4106 61020
Wonderful setting close to Hamburg

Landhaus Altes Pastorat

Insel Fohr, 25938, Fohr Island, +49 (0)4683 226
Good location on quiet island


Alt Duvenstedt, 24791, +49 4338 99710
Pleasant country hotel, splendid grounds
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