This black and white 18thC hunting lodge benefits form both the tranquility of the lake it stands beside, and the walking possibilities of the nearby Saxon Forest. The Waldesruh am See's structure itself dates back to 1737 and has not only been a princely hunting retreat but also, in 1937, an emergency military hospital run by Anne-Marie von Bismarck who later converted it into a hotel. Today it has six different dining rooms, of which the best are the antler-adorned Hunt Restaurant and the Laburnum Veranda, a white, glassy vantage point with great views over the lake. If yours is a summer stay, the lakeside barbeques on the terrace are also a must, though, as they cater for up to 120 people, don't expect everyone present to be a hotel guest.
  The hotel claims to be a great place for weddings - and it is; but don't be fooled into taking the wedding suit, which is marketed not only for those who have just taken their vows, but also for those who feel that way inclined. The unsteady-looking olive bed canopy and matching curtains set off by a looping ivy-effect frieze aren't worth the extra euros. However, the other rooms, decorated with antiques, have both size and simplicity on their side; room 3, with its deep red and white fabrics, ornate gilt mirror and expansive lake views, is the one to ask for.