Here is how we have described Zur Alten Post - Hans-Stefan and Gabi Steinheuer's establishment at Heppingen - in past editions of our guide: "Come here for Hans-Stefan Steinheuer's impressive cooking, his even more impressive wine list, be guided to a comfortable bed for the night and then enjoy a perfect breakfast the next morning. Bliss".
  There are two restaurants to choose from, in adjoining buildings. The more informal is the Poststuben, serving regional dishes with a creative twist. Steinheuer's Restaurant is an altogether smarter, more elegant affair, where you can explore Hans-Stefan's aromatic new German cooking and his wine list of more than 400 bottles. In contrast, the hotel's six bedrooms come as quite a surprise, being very different, with ultra-modern furniture and fittings which display a penchant for the clean line and the curve, and impressive state-of-the-art bathrooms. In 1998 the Steinheuers acquired a building across the road, where there are now four new suites and a breakfast room.
  Zur Alten Post has linked up with several other hotels and restaurants in the region to which you can walk; your luggage will be brought to each new destination to await your arrival.