The area of Krummhorn consists of a cluster of 19 villages - the Witthus is situated in Greetsiel, the only one which is right on the water. There's no beach, but the 650-year-old port bristles with the activity of a community of artists and fishermen. Visitors are spoilt with an array of opportunities to explore the surrounding area, including windmills and lighthouses open to the public.
  Outstanding hospitality and effort characterise the reception at this knot of three buildings; the main 'White House', the 'Little White House' directly opposite, and the 'Cosy White House' behind. Throughout, the feeling is relaxed, and yet attention to detail is clearly important. Bedrooms are generally furnished in wood and pale colours with touches of bright yellow here and there. The dining areas are a little plain, but there is a sunny garden cafe in which to have afternoon tea served on delicate blue and white china. The hotel also houses an art gallery that hosts commercial exhibitions all year round. German abstract painters from all over the country are usually shown, but this is by no means a rule; when we were there, an Argentinean artist was the focus.