'Old aristocracy in new gloss' is the boast at the four-star Burghotel Haselunne. Housed in two former mansions looking onto a smart cobbled courtyard, it can't help making a good first impression. Each room is claimed as 'an event' - and this is not far from the truth. The most stunning room (or rooms) is the wedding suite, located on the ground floor and lavishly done up in warm peach and apricot hues. The vast double bed is fininshed with sheer white muslin hung like drawn curtains against the wall and topped with an oversized, ornate gilt crown. It won't be to everyone's taste and if you're not visiting the hotel on your honeymoon, it may seem a little decadent. It is a good indication, however, of the considerable lengths taken here to achieve luxurious individuality. The other rooms will certainly not disappoint. There is plenty to keep you busy: A Finnish sauna, Roman whirlpool, balloon trips, poetry days and antique events.