Only a stone's throw from the motorway to Austria, conveniently situated equidistant between Munich and Salzburg, the Karner Flair is a popular weekend retreat for high-powered city types, the women bejewelled and the men smooth, who want to get away form it all - but not too far away.
  The Karner is not your run of the mill Alpine chalet - that much is obvious form the outside, with its pristine, powder-blue shutters, immaculate whitewash and stunning carved doors. Inside, it is equally impressive. The dining room is stylish, with polished wood floors, old panelling and simple, beautifully made curtains. Bedrooms are furnished with rustic furniture and a scattering of good quality rugs.
  A new building has recently been added to the main house, providing more bedrooms and a pool. The Karners have also turned their attention to the terrace and gardens, adding a new fish pond and heated outside swimming pool.
  Although awarded a Michelin star, the food has been criticized for attempting bizarre combinations of ingredients, but it certainly draws the crowds - especially on a sunny afternoon in high season, when the lovely terrace can be filled to bursting. A pleasant base for walkers who enjoy creature comforts along with their exercise.