Book here for the full Bavarian experience. We love this eccentric chalet hotel, its white façade cheerfully festooned, Bayerischer style, with colourful murals and summer window boxes. It is easy to spot in Partenkirchen’s old centre.
   The Bavarian Fraundorfer family has run this hostelry for generations and love to display their traditions. Lederhosen and dirndl skirts are de rigueur among the entertainers at the jolly Bavarian evenings, when accordion music, yodelling and folk- dancing are part of the entertainment. The restaurant is appropriately wood-panelled and cluttered with knick-knacks; the food is richly traditional and served with regional beers. The humour extends to the beds, some carved to resemble cars and ships, others with carved posts and canopies or white curtains, perfect for honeymoons.
   The whole extended family runs this hotel, making it an ideal environment for the families, many from Italy and America, who book in August. There are family apartments in an annexe, high chairs, a children’s menu, toys to play with in the restaurant, and a sandpit in the garden. And since the Fraundorfer father has retired to a wheelchair, there are special facilities for guests with restricted mobility in Gästhaus Barbara, just behind the chalet.